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Terms of Service / GTC - Holiday home FEWO Bamberg Gartenstadt, Reußstr. 19a, 96052 Bamberg

1.   Smoking is in principle not allowed in the apartment, just as little as open fire, candles or the like. 
      Smoking is possible on the balcony and terrace. Cigarette butts are to be disposed of exclusively in the ashtrays and finally in
      the designated ash bucket.

2.   Contracting parties are landlords and tenants, the following named debtors

3.   With the furnishing of the apartment is to be handled carefully and gently.

4.   Any theft of furnishings or other things related to the house will be reported!

5.   The apartment is in good condition to leave. Any damage must be reported to the landlord immediately and, depending on

      the fault of the replacement value or, if possible repair value may be replaced by the tenant.

6.   Roughly negligent behavior or negligence does not exempt from liability for damage to the device.

7.   The bringing of animals is not allowed.

8.   The contracting party liable for losses and / or damages is the debtor on the invoice. He is fully liable for all damages

      incurred during the contract period / rental period by him or persons who rely on him to use the apartment.

9.   The taking of blankets of any kind, as well as hand and bath towels is not permitted. For each person, a set is provided on 

      loan for the rental period. In case of loss or absence these will be charged

      (Towel € 20.00 a piece, Bath-Towel and Bedspreads € 35.00 a piece).

10. The invoice amount must be paid before the start of the contract / collection date, but in any case until the specified due

      date on the invoice. The invoice amount is to be transferred and, in the case of a short term, the receipt of the transfer / 

      immediate transfer must be sent by e-mail or fax. The bill will be made when booking.

11. The landlord is obligated only after complete payment of the set invoice for contract compliance. Already paid amounts can

      not normally be refunded. If so, this is at the discretion of the landlord.

12. In the case of unforeseen events and impairments of events caused by force majeure, at the most the amount already paid

      will be refunded pro rata, less the costs already incurred and the services used.

13. All claims against the landlord expire in principle in one year from the beginning of the knowledge-dependent regular

      limitation period of § 199 paragraph 1 BGB. Claims for damages become statute-barred in five years. The limitation periods

      do not apply to claims based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the lessor.

14. Loss of keys will be charged with € 80.00 each.
15. The celebration of parties or invitations of guests requires the consent of the landlord.

16. The outdoor facilities may not be changed or contaminated (necessary repairs will be charged provided, replacement for the

      purchase price). Fire pits are not allowed. Barbecuing is possible on tiled surfaces. Ashes and Garbage is to be disposed of by

      the tenant.

17. The downloading of illegal content is not allowed on the home Wi-Fi.
18. Please be quiet in the house from 22 clock (10 pm). Music and TV's are always to be set at room volume.
19. The pursuit of trades, business activities or the like is prohibited in the premises.

20. The transport of dangerous substances, gases, chemicals or explosive materials is prohibited.
21. The trash caused by the tenant must be separated into the containers provided (Paper, Yellow Sack for platic...,  

      Biowaste und Residual waste) or taken by the renter himself and disposed of. Any penalties due to incorrect separation shall

      be borne by the renter.
22. Manipulation of the key safes, which affect their functionality or require replacement, will be charged to the renter with €

      120.00 each.

23. In case of violation or unruly behavior of the occupants, the landlord is entitled the tenancy with dissolve immediately and /

      or in serious violations to give individual persons house prohibition. The house right remains at any time with homeowners.

24. The provider may require the payment of a deposit of € 150.00 upon arrival (this is usually agreed in advance between the

       contracting parties). The keys must be handed over personally on the day of departure, because on this day, the acceptance

       of the apartment. In the event of immediately identifiable damage to and in the apartment and / or the inventory, the guest

       makes the required amount of money in cash on the spot (according to §249 Abs. 2 BGB). Since the decrease is usually

       under time pressure and not all damages are discovered in the short time, the guest is also liable later for the damage

       caused and / or missing or damaged inventory. All damages are recorded photographically.

25. The invalidity of individual provisions of the GTC does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

      Instead of the invalid provision, an effective provision which comes as close as possible to its economic content shall be

      effective. The same applies to any contract gaps. Deviations and ancillary agreements must be recorded in writing.

26. Any reminder fees and court costs shall be borne by the debtor.
27. Negotiations and communications are to be conducted in German, English or Italian.
28. Jurisdiction is the district court Bamberg. 



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